Retixa Foundation

A tool for higher engagement

Retixa Foundation is a real-time marketing solution for clients that enable more effective sales to the customer base. It can be delivered as a stand-alone product or integrated with existing marketing estate. The system has the most significant potential in industries with high engagement level and millions of customers or interactions, like telco, banking, retail or insurance.

Marketers regarding personalization:

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Personalized notifications

Retixa automatically generates and delivers recommended notifications to customers. Notifications are interactive, which allows each user to accept it or reject it, as well as request more information on each one. Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) assist in defining and managing personalized recommendations. The system tracks each result, while automatically adapting them by using machine-learning algorithms. Thanks to that, each recommendation is maximally effective, and the whole communication is context-relevant and unobtrusive. This is in exact opposition to current communication methods which often irritate customers flooded by irrelevant, generic marketing messages.

the architecture

the example

Using Retixa appliance at one of our telco clients, we have performed a three-month, highly targeted campaign promoting the operator’s online service. First, we built a set of six distinguished behaviour and transaction-based segments, and we prepared six different value propositions for them, emphasising various features of the promoted service, which were appealing to their profile. Using Client’s owned channels (SMS), we conducted an event-triggered messaging campaign with was followed up by retargeting in social media, keeping the segment differentiating messaging.

6 behaviour-based segments with 6 different value propositions
real-time event-based messaging
social media

The campaign proved that a highly targeted approach to communicating to customers combined with real-time event-based approach works. The outcomes outperformed the assumptions, and we were able to reach an online conversion of almost 20%, the revenue grew by 120%. Using only the operator’s owned channel and a budget-efficient custom audience retargeting in social media resulted in an over 1700% return on investment.

online conversion