Retixa Advertising

Services without disclosing users’ data

Retixa also provides an out-of-the-box interface to 3rd parties. Our clients are able to provide their partners (retailers, Internet service providers or banks) with services based on their customers’ contexts without disclosing any data of individual customers. 

An online service, which is brought to the client’s partners, enables them to run highly targeted marketing campaigns based on the real-time data analytics engine of Retixa.

58% of consumers would switch half or more of their spending to a provider that excels at personalizing experiences without compromising trust

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the architecture

Advertising architecture

the example

With Retixa appliance we have built a ready-to-use self-service marketing platform – TASIL. Ready to serve multi-country companies by design, TASIL can be brought to life in your company in just a few months.

  1. Quick time-to-market: first results within 4-5 months
  2. Minimum investment level with very strong ROI
  3. Proven solution, low implementation risk
  4. A complete, pre-integrated and self-sufficient product ready for the market: from low-level real-time processing platform, through hosted customer service platform, to deep embedded business knowledge, including branding, pricing and PR&marketing strategy
  5. Small implementation footprint in the telecom IT environment
  6. Cutting edge architecture & technology – OpenAPI, Big Data, based on IBM software

The platform was implemented at Omantel and is operating in Oman.
Each day Retixa analyses 3 billion events which are being used to perform over 300 000 real-time interactions.

The value from existing customers has grown 100 000% in terms of monthly revenue, comparing April 2018 to April 2019. TASIL has a mission to educate companies that the better targeted the message, the better the results. We strive to reduce the amount of SMS spam in Oman, and over this last year, we have observed that this education proves to be working. More and more companies are aware of narrow targeting and are using TASIL functionalities to communicate effectively with their customers.