Retixa data as a service

Sharing aggregated data in compliance with GDPR

Retixa Data as a Service assist in sharing your statistical analysis of different data sources in the disposal with your partners, as anonymous, aggregated data. Sounds difficult? Let’s see it on an example. Bank workers can use Retixa appliance if they want to share a report of your customers’ buying behaviours that can be found useful by a retailer. 

Being one of the simplest data monetization models, Retixa Data as a Service creates a stable and easy-to-get source of revenue. The solution is fully compliant with GDPR; therefore no data is shared between the parties. 

300 executives at US companies with revenues of $500 million or more say that in 2019 we are in a race with competitors to extract value from data

the example

With Retixa Data as a Service solution we have monitored users’ activities in real-time.
Thanks to that we prepared highly precise and accurate analysis of the gathered data.