prime real-time

Take communication with customers to a higher level of personalization and real-time interaction.

The challenge

Traditional economy companies suffer a decline in revenues and profits caused by commoditization of their services, stiff competition from fintechs, startups and Internet players who disrupt the business landscape. The need to find a way to stay competitive. Their main advantage is data – a resource the challengers can only dream of.

The solution

Retixa has been designed from scratch to help traditional economy companies with creation of new revenues based on their data. The duration of each project is 3-6 months. Retixa has a growing revenue potential roadmap. Estimated implementation cost is to be 3-5 times lower than competitive solutions.
Real-time marketing solution for clients to enable more effective sales to the customer base, delivered as a stand-alone product or integrated with the existing marketing estate.
Retixa Data
as a Service
With Retixa Data as a Service, a statistical analysis of different data sources in your disposal can be shared with your partners as anonymous, aggregated data.
Retixa also provides an out-of-the-box platform to 3rd parties. Our clients are able to serve their partners (retailers, Internet service providers or banks) with services based on their customers’ data.


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